Client/ Captain Testimonial

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 “Steve and Kelly are the consummate package.  Their desire for excellence, passion for service, and depth of knowledge regarding all things maritime is truly unprecedented.  Much of what I know on this subject matter came from Steve Sprigg.  I was not initially a believer some 10 years ago when I bought my first big boat, a 50’ Post, but Steve and Kelly’s consistency and demonstrated value has shown itself over and over again. Steve proved himself again as I stepped up to my 62’ Viking (a labyrinth of systems and complexity). Whether I was 100 miles offshore (at night) on my sat phone trying to find a breaker so I could come back on two engines, or sitting on my dock trying to diagnose some other issue, Steve always answered the phone and always seemed to have the solution.  While there are many more examples, these two serve to illustrate their dedication.  I’m a believer in SYC and these two pros, Kelly and Steve!  Doing a good job, making things right, and delivering service over a long period of time is a rare thing these days: Steve, Kelly, and SYC’s host of professionals will not disappoint.  It’s a relationship I will have for life and has both personal and professional components.”


“I would like to thank the folks at SYC Yachts, and in particular Margot Puleri, for all her hard work on the sale of my boat. Margot either handled or coordinated every aspect of the sale including boat appraisal, scheduling of boat launches, and most importantly keeping me informed. Her advice and knowledge of the market got me top dollar and was greatly appreciated.”


“Drake Noble was outstanding at SYC Yachts! He was extremely professional, ethical and fair to both sides of the transaction. He answered all my calls in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be working with SYC Yachts and Drake again in the future.”


” Thanks Steve. Hopefully you know how much we want you and Kelly to be part of this story. She has incredible Karma. You two make a great team, and you make the dream come to life for your clients.”


“Drake Noble is a really good guy. I wasn’t the easiest customer, but he was there the entire way. He sold my existing vessel and worked tirelessly to find a replacement. When it’s time to move to another vessel, I will definitely locate Drake.”